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More than looking for applicants, we will work to find the best people fit for your organization.

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We are committed to the search, evaluation and selection of candidates for positions according to specific profiles. With the help of our specialized services units in the area of ​​our clients we offer this service focused on the search, recruitment and selection of specific profiles for Technical, Administrative, Professional and middle management levels.

Our service is differentiated by the following attributes:

    • We make available different recruitment sources: own database, contact network, job portals, agreement with educational institutions and mass media.
    • The complete processes include definition of the required profile, recruitment of candidates, curricular pre-selection, psycholaboral evaluation, interviews and technical check-up, commercial background checking, job references authentication, analysis of results and presentation of the posittions.
    • We guarantee the quality of the process and of the applicants as well, in addition we offer a guarantee of satisfaction.

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    Head Hunting

    Our experience allows us to offer an efficient and highly rigorously implemented service, focused on the search, recruitment and selection of senior executives to occupy strategic positions in our clients’ organizations.

    Some features of this service:

    • Expert team, knowledgeable of the labor market of senior management in every aspect, as well as of strategic positions identification in different industries.
    • Tool application oriented to the evaluation of behavioral variables, technical-functional and projective, to predict the adaptive ability and job performance of the applicant.
    • All our processes come with guarantees that ensure concrete results in every area.

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      At WISEPLAN we are close and reliable consultants

      At WISEPLAN we are close and reliable consultants

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