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Experience in Human Capital Management (HCM)

WISEPLAN is a world-class organization whose purpose is to give specific support to its client companies, in order to improve their organizational efficiency through the use of forefront leading knowledge applied to human capital management, the selective experience of our consultants and the technology implemented to each business process.

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The experience of WISEPLAN consultants enables our clients to gain organizational capacity to achieve their objectives, through their employees’ alignment to the business strategy.



Our consultants’ wisdom. Our team discusses and proposes a plan based upon their actual experience in facing real world processes similar to those being faced by our clients.


We care

We genuinely care about our customers; consequently, we promptly respond and generate solutions to improve personnel management performance. We define ourselves as close and reliable consultants.


Track record

The work experience of our consulting professionals carried out in different sectors, allows them to quickly approach the correct diagnosis and design the specific solution.

WISEPLAN is led by a multidisciplinary group of professionals specializing in human resources and technology in Chile, whose rich professional background is their main characteristic, leading positions in the Human Resources areas of important companies, in different economic sectors of the country.

We understand that companies, through their human resources areas face increasing demands to develop efficiency, proficiency and agility entrepreneurial skills to deal with numerous organizational changes and business realities; therefore, WISEPLAN is able to perfectly align with its clients to become a strategic, credible, close and concrete partner.

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