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Labor relations in the company and in trade unions

A good working relationship influences the constant exercise of each activity in the company

Relationships between people are established every day and everywhere, from school, in our neighborhood, in the market, in the university, in driving, and above all, at work.

Undoubtedly, the working world can actually works due to it being based upon the company’s labor relations between the team and the rest of the institution. The relations between the boss and the employee and between the organizations of the workers and the representatives of the company are key for the good functioning of any organization.

An optimum working relationship will influence not only the work environment but also the constant exercise of each activity turning into a key factor of success or failure, depending on how positively these relationships are affecting the company.

The proper functioning of labor relations does not rely only on the boss; the employee must contribute by trying to gain their trust; this step has the purpose of achieving the objectives assigned, as well as effectively performing the tasks in the best way possible, while worrying day by day to perform better tasks, achieving, in his way, the best labor relations and not only between boss and employee but also with trade unions.

In our consultancy, in addition to this, we seek to generate confidence and clarity in terms of rights and obligations of all involved parties; for achieving this objective we give specific support to our clients in defining and implementing strategies and actions for relationships with employees and trade union organizations to strengthen the labor relations with trade unions that make possible an internal peace of mind, meanwhile allowing to focus on the objective of the company.

In this matter, we intend:

  • To implement labor models that, in compliance with current regulations, offer greater flexibility and support the productive challenges of your Company.
  • To convert workers into collaborators committed to the Company’s objectives.
  • To generate a constructive relationship based on mutual respect with the trade union organizations, avoiding conflicting scenarios and improving trade union relations.
  • To empower your supervisors in order to get them taking charge of conveying the Company’s philosophy and best practices in labor relations.
  • We design a communication and action strategy to generate closeness with your staff while improving the internal work environment; for example, media and production of corporate events, awarding and recognitions, and powerful initiatives of the kind.

It is demonstrated that a good working relationship is essential for an excellent development and integral performance of a successful company, this factor is key and even capable of improving the company’s value. From the bosses to the employees, everybody must give their best, to achieve a perfect synchronization in every aspect of the business, accomplishing every goal proposed in advance.

Any measure aimed at improving the working climate, will reflect, in the short or long term, an actual improvement in the business or company productivity levels, while being also reflected in the positive labor relations in the company.

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