Benefits of a flexible remuneration

Design of flexible remuneration models intended to establish monetary compensation.

La remuneración flexible básicamente consiste en una prestación no necesariamente pagadera en dinero, que se ha convenido entre trabajador y empresa, y que debe de cumplir ciertos requisitos legales.

Flexible remuneration basically consists of a benefit not necessarily payable in money, which has been previously agreed between the related parties, worker and company, and which must meet certain legal requirements.

The concept of flexibilization in labor matters is made up of certain mechanisms that allow the adjustment of current labor regulations, in order to adapt them to the demands of the labor market as well as to allow a better management of the company, making it a more productive and efficient organization, imposing greater intelligence in the determination and administration of the salary costs that represent the weight of the company and also achieving the required flexibility with regards to the employees benefits.

All this will be achieved through a series of measures that will make it possible to dispose specifically of the salary income of the company, according to the needs, always respecting the legal limits, as well as those determined by the labor market in terms of remuneration, contributions to the social security system and established social benefits.

In Wiseplan, through our human resources consulting, we cooperate in the designing of flexible remuneration models that look for establishing a framework through which the employee can flexibilize monetary compensation, being able to contract certain products whose tax legality provides important economic benefits.

En Wiseplan, a través de la asesoría de recursos humanos, colaboramos en el diseño de modelos de retribución flexible que pretende establecer un marco a través del cual permita al empleado flexibilizar su compensación monetaria pudiendo contratar determinados productos cuya legalidad tributaria proporcione importantes beneficios económicos.

In addition to the above, in Wiseplan we also offer the means to automatize and deploying this process into the organization structure, by implementing advanced mechanisms that guarantee the protection and satisfaction of the company and the employee.

In conclusion we must say that wage flexibility is an essential mechanism that could undoubtedly benefit the worker and the company, provided that there is good advice on human resources; It is in this sense that we offer that you work with the best team of professionals who through experience and preparation will support your management to make your company a more efficient organization in labor costs and also, a better place to work.

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